Add-on Services Are Offered by Dental Billing Companies

What Add-on Services are Offered by Dental Billing Companies

Dental billing is an important aspect of your dental practice. Nowadays, many practices are deciding to outsource their dental billing process. With a niche that’s becoming more competent with each passing day, several dental billing companies have started offering add-on services along with dental insurance billing and coding.

This post will walk you through the different kinds of dental billing companies which you might want to add to your shopping cart.

Auditing Patient Ledgers

With the use of sophisticated software, billing companies can make ledger adjustments with ease. The adjustment type can differ according to ‘Patient Name’, ‘Date’, ‘Location’ etc. They can also help you fix earlier postings to the ledger.

Lighten Your Aging Report

Your practice might be reeling under the pressure of unsuccessful insurance claims and unresponsive patients. A billing company can advise you wisely on transferring the case to a collecting agency or, simply write-it-off, so that you may receive accurate estimates about your receivables continuously.

Verification of Insurances

By availing of this service, you will have the billing company working round the clock in liaison with patients and insurance providers so that your insurance claims don’t get stuck due to wanting accurate claim submission or careful resubmission of the claim in case of denial by the insurance provider.

Calling Patients

Your practice will always run into patients who owe you and have been ignoring statements for years even! As if your reminders were some kind of spam in their inbox! Dental billing companies can pull out of debt by getting under the skin of the defaulters or at least, motivate them to clear the arrears.

Frequent Auditing

As a practitioner, you need to be in touch with not just the patient but everything that’s going on behind the scene. A billing company can frequently keep you updated with the different aspects such as patient records, account receivables, instances of in-house corruption. A dental billing company can provide the perfect operational oversight.

Consulting Services

Understandably, Dental billing companies are not just billers. They also offer consulting services and can efficiently assist you in adopting new software for your practice. They are also adept at upgrading your existing in-house staff. In any case, dental billing companies can really upgrade your practice and set higher goals for the upcoming year.

Bottom Line

We have eventually come to the conclusion of this post. The motive was to give you information about a few of the add-on services being offered by dental billers. Necessity, indeed, is the mother of invention, and hence, we see modern age dental billing companies trying to woo clients by offering a range of services that practice could need.

Also, practices haven’t had the best of times during the Covid-19 pandemic. In our view, the situation is ripe to consider revamping your billing process and along with it a range of sophisticated tools designed to set your practice back on the right track!

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