Common Challenges With Outsourced Dental Billing

What are the Common Challenges with Outsourced Dental Billing?

Outsourcing dental billing has become the need of the hour. Practices are required to do more than just treat patients. By outsourcing the billing work, practices can focus more on their main job more efficiently. But today, unlike a few years back, there is a crowd calling themselves billers. Choosing the right billing partner is the key to getting your practice on the high-speed lane. This article shall sincerely endeavour to educate you about the possible challenges you may face while working with an outsourced dental billing company and how to sail through it.

Promise More, Deliver Less!

You can find loads and loads of dental billing companies online and you may be overwhelmed by their over-optimistic claims. The key not be caught in the quagmire. As a matter of fact, submissions against claims can take time.

Solution: Search for a dental billing company that will prioritize your pain points, works thoughtfully and analytically on planning a suitable course of action for a long-lasting solution.

Shrugging the Responsibility

It’s difficult to find a dental billing company that can truly work in close collaboration with your in-house staff to achieve desired results. Your practice is a happening place and somebody needs to take care of the financial side of things. The company you hire, should, inter alia, be responsible for sending your claims on time, posting payments in the patient ledger, and keeping a vigilant eye on the insurance aging reports. Complacency can cost you dearly!

Solution: See to it that the billing team doesn’t get complacent in their duties and is continually working to identify the grey spots and positively engaging with your in-house staff to fix them!

Inquire for Expertise

Countless dental billing companies have exploded on the scene in recent years. Thus, it has become as important as ever to wisely select and invest in outsourced dental billing. You can’t be any less cautious than you were while hiring your in-house aides.

Solution: Do a good amount of research on their credibility, reviews, work experience, and expertise level before hiring your ideal biller. You can verify by asking for recommendations and relevant references.

Communication Gap

It may look inane but hugely impact the outputs in a negative way. As the saying goes, “it takes two hands to clap”, so you need to establish a working relationship between your staff and the outsourced dental billing team. Make sure that the company treats your issues with priority and is ready to curate methods and mend ways to fit your size.

Solution: Pursue a proactive relationship with the company and reap the benefits of their expertise and talent.

Bottom Line

Like all good things, outsourced dental billing also comes with its own set of pros and cons. Working with a great billing company can indeed save a lot of money and headaches. However, it’s important that before introducing such changes in your practice, you take your in-house staff into confidence so that the newcomers are not seen as interlopers or usurpers. As with everything, striking the right balance (between how much you want to keep in-house and how much you want to outsource) is the key!

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