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Credentialing has been a major step in the services related to revenue cycle management. Our dedicated team of professionals takes all possible care of the critical aspects to ensure the right enrolment of the hospitals and the patients. This is important to receive the payment from the patients or the insurance companies and then disburse that to the hospitals or the clinics.   

The process of credentialing examines every detail and validates that a physician or the clinic meets all the necessary standards for delivering clinical care. Here, the payers also do a significant check. The Payers verify the physician’s education, certificate, knowledge, documentations, associations, misconduct, any contrary medical incidences, and training. … Maintain their credentialing services.

A hospital credentialing, also termed healthcare credentialing, is the process of examining that a provider is capable of delivering therapeutic services. While credentialing can be affluent and time-consuming, it is officially obligatory and promises excellence and security for patients.

Credentialing Process At Alygence:

Alygence Solution completes all necessary steps while creating credentials for the parties. Here, we officially keep in mind the following tasks!

  • Gather data and documents compulsory for filing credentialing requests from the physicians
  • Save the documents centrally using a secure document management system
  • Comprehend payers to which the repetition sends entitlement and pledge communication with the payers
  • Schedule timely continuation with the Payer to obtain the application status
  • Attain the registration number from the Payer and communicate the state of the application to the doctor
  • Episodic updates of the document library for credentialing resolutions