billing solutions


The patient collection has been a prominent step when it comes to preparing medical bills. Here, a medical billing professional gathers all the obligatory material including patient demographics, clinical services made available, insurance details, collects medical bills, and sends them to the paying person or agency for the payments.

At Alygence, we utilize pioneering scientific procedures, along with patient support to enhance assortments and curtail lead times on gathering patient balances. Our experts take care of all the processes to provide you everyday visibility on patient balances along with the preparation of standard bad-debt reports for your further actions.

Enlightening patient assortments is an important key component of effective revenue cycle management. Medical payments have undergone a radical alteration over the last few months due to the ongoing Pandemic. The patients are getting affected by the mounting healthcare expenses and luxurious medical bills.

To Come Up With The Best Results For Patient Collection, We Do The Following:

  • Gather contact of the patients and insurance info correctly
  • Use of the Patient portal to collect payments
  • Recognize if any unsettled balances are there
  • Device the correct reimbursementstrategy
  • Proposal for multiple payment plans
  • Accept payment from multiple methods
  • Use of the best medical billing software

You must understand the patient collection is a very important step as it leaves a direct impact on the revenue earned by the doctors or the related medical clinics or hospitals. At Alygence, we are very serious about completing all the necessary steps and formalities so that our clients remain happy and satisfied with our services.