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Alygence Solutions has been a prominent provider of dental billing solutions to individual dentists and dental clinics. Our dental billing services have helped hundreds of clients from all over to earn better and bigger without running after the patients to get paid for the services they offer them. Our dedicated revenue management system takes care of all the necessary steps and technical aspects of the proceedings involved in dental billing.

Our services have liberated the dentists to feel free for the payments as we take care of all the necessary proceedings for them. Our team of professionals is extremely capable of bringing your business the advantage that you deserve. At Alygence Solutions, we promise to take care of all the necessary formalities so that we could deliver the dentists their charges.

Best Dental Billing

Avail Expert Services For Dental Billing For You

Alygence Solutions is different when it comes to supporting your dental clinic with a tried and tested revenue management system. We care for your revenues and that is why we are way ahead!

  • Receive the support you need for improved patient care
  • Become clear on your business strategy and resolution
  • Work with experienced billing professionals
  • Find more time with the business
  • Get the support of an expert team of verified billing experts
  • Accumulate the money that you fairly owe


Why Partner With Alygence Solutions For Dental Billing Services?

When you operate a dental clinic and offer a wide array of services for your patients, then getting payments from them can be critical. The worries are often too far-reaching at times. Here, you need someone or some organization that can help you with the billing facilities so that you can enjoy doing your job. Some of the major reasons that make Alygence Solutions the best place for you to reach:

  • Better patient understanding
  • Relentless growth
  • Spend more time with patients
  • Reduced rejection of entitlement
  • Condensed extra or hidden charges
  • Amplified income


Partnering with Alygence Solutions can be the perfect decision that you can reach if you are willing to get the right Dental Billing Services. You can always be sure about partnering with us so that you can enjoy your business leaving the revenue part to us! Reach us today!  

Some Important FAQ

A dental biller is a person who takes care of all the billing procedures of a dental practitioner or the dental industry. Proper communication with the dental insurance agencies is their major focus. A bridge between the dental healthcare providers, patients, and dental insurance companies is the role of a dental biller. Looking after the insurance eligibility of the patients, proper accounts receivable process, keeping a check on patient’s registration, submission of claims, handling denials, etc. These are some of the responsibilities of a dental biller. Dental billers are fully proficient in their work. They take care of dental practitioners and serve the best service to them.

Dental billing is a quite complex process. The experts need to be well-experienced in the domain to perform this billing practice. Dental billing can be said as hard because of its higher denial rate. The dental coding and dental insurance requirements are somewhat complicated. So, an inexperienced dental biller can easily make mistakes in the process. Dental billers should be highly skilled and wealthy with higher knowledge of billing procedures. This will never sound the dental billing hard. With a perfect dental biller, dental billing works quite smoothly and effectively. So, dental practitioners should ensure a highly qualified and experienced dental biller to handle their billing procedures in a great manner.