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Why Outsourcing is Valuable to Dental Billing?

There comes a stage in your practice when you realize that your cash flow isn’t increasing despite an increase in the volume of your practice. There might be so many things going awry—your patients’ debt has increased to manageable limits, maybe a single person is in charge of your billing and all its aspects and it has become more of a burden on him. In-house personnel can never really devote themselves to the process and are often pulled away by other priorities (mostly the patients).

Practices lose thousands of dollars by ignoring the billing process and not pondering over getting some expert help. In this article, we shall talk about the reasons why you should consider, seriously, the idea of outsourcing the dental billing process.

Time for Action

There comes a moment when you realize that you need to hire somebody. There are two options, either you opt for upgrading, transitioning the current staff, or outsourcing to a dental billing company that can streamline the entire process without any oversight. Such outsourcing companies have the knowledge in coding and billing necessary to be able to do the job competently and do it right. It will also free up your staff for the role they were actually hired for, i.e. ‘assist you in practice’. Even if you want to upgrade your existing staff, you need to hire experts for training, which again are dental outsourcing companies.

Always on top of the Game

Not many are aware of it, but insurances always differ with specialty be it neurology, dermatology, and even dentistry, every code has its nuances that require expertise.

Secondly, Insurance claims are not valid forever, sometimes there’s a window as tiny as 30 days, in fact, your practice could be losing thousands of dollars because your poorly equipped and multitasking in-house staff simply cannot keep track of such crucial deadlines

Streamline the Complexity

When you got someone focused on your accounts alone, and not part of the administration, partly the operation, and finally your billing- it results in streamlining of the process

Situations where maybe a claim for extraction with a future implant, is being billed and the implant gets denied strictly for the fact that a pre-treatment estimate was not sent before. Therefore, you need to know the efficient way of interacting with the insurance companies when we file claims for dental practices

Don’t Just Resubmit Denied Claims

Once the insurance claim is denied a dental billing outsourcing agency examines the EOB or Explanation of Benefits, else how do you expect an approval merely because you resubmitted it? The In-house staff just don’t have the time to follow up on the claims.

Customize Services to your Specific Needs

When you call up a dental billing company, they’ll have a look around—identify your pain points. See if you want to keep a few things in-house based on the strengths of your current employees. Finally, decide what works best for you (hourly rate or lump sum).

Summing Up

After reading this article I am sure I know a lot about why you must outsource your dental billing. It will help you free up your staff from something they are not adept in and trust your billing to someone who knows exactly how it’s done.

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