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Increase Your Business Revenue With Alygence Solutions

Alygence Solutions is a trusted service provider of medical billing services on a 24 hours basis. The prime objective of this company is to support individual doctors, hospitals, and other medical institutions and provide excellent billing services in California. The experts of their team come up with end-to-end medical billing solutions and the best facilities that can fetch you the highest revenue for every bill issued. Alygence Solutions work with the most trusted software for a customized revenue management system that brings additional income and thereby reduces administrative losses. The company is breaking stereotypes and establishing a benchmark reputation in the field of medical billing services in the USA with top-notch clients across the world.

RCM services for Dentists to increase revenue

Documentation is very essential for the revenue management system. The dental billing process keeps the office from collecting 100% of what they have rightfully owned. It may not be according to standard. But having documents stored in a systematic manner helps the company to withdraw any kind of claims or appeals issued by any outsider. Clinical notes are invariably important for achieving the best results in maximizing revenue.

Alygence provides RCM services for dentists and helps them flourish in the field of dentistry. As a lead dental billing outsourcing company, the employees of this company work very hard so that the doctors don’t need to worry about dental billing procedures. Instead, they can focus on the treatment of the patient. The dental billing experts of Alygence solutions have years of experience in working with both large and small dental companies.

End-to-end dental billing solutions to increase revenue

The dental billing support covers everything that needs to be done to ensure no mistakes are made in billing services in California. From patient scheduling and insurance verification to authorization to billing and payment collections, outsourcing dental billing is cost-efficient in all ways.

  • Patient enrolment – Outsourcing streamlines the patient enrolment process greatly. The team handles enrolment of new and existing patients including the demographic details and insurance information along with the other details.
  • Appointment scheduling – The team can follow up the appointments, reschedule appointments, and make the office focus on the details. The team experts in Alygence solutions will effectively handle the management system.
  • Insurance verification – Dental claims are made at times because of carelessness in the time of checking the patient’s eligibility and getting the procedures authorized to ensure reimbursement. Verifications are gathered from the following information:
    • The date for which the coverage is effective
    • The dental codes for the procedures to be performed
    • The waiting period to be required if any
    • The type of plan and fee schedules
    • Maximum and deductibles along with necessary information
    • Last date of service along with information for claim information like phone number, address, payer ID, fax number, etc.
    • Coverage percentage and coverage for a tooth implant, grafting, crowns, etc.
    • Frequencies for panoramic and full mouth X-ray
  • Accounts receivable Management system – Accounts receivable (AR) is the money owned to practice is the key indicator of one’s performance, unresolved claims can hold up your payment for a long time.

Partner with Alygence Solutions for the best dental billing services near me

Alygence solutions being the pioneer of RCM Services provider in California give undeniable assurance of understanding, relentless growth, and amplified income.

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