The Trending Trend of Medical Coding

The Trending Trend of Medical Coding

Every industry is advancing in terms of technology, so is the healthcare industry. Billing Solutions are growing with the level of enhancements in the software. Every industry work on a language depending upon the field it follows. This language plays an important role in the proper functioning of the tasks to make the field productive. So, do you know about the medical billing language? What are they called? The answer to it is medical coding. Medical coding is a translation of medical reports into codes. Let us understand more deeply about medical coding.

Transforming Revenue Cycle Management Through Coding

Medical coding is the backbone of revenue cycle management. Dental billing and medical billing both need a language for smoother billing operations. The universal medical alphanumeric codes have been developed that work as a translation for healthcare diagnoses, medical services, procedures, and equipment. These codes are sourced from the documentation of medical records that includes transcription notes of a doctor, laboratory, etc. The codes are then used during the medical billing process accurately. The professionals who perform medical coding are known as medical coders.

The process of turning diagnoses, supplies, and procedures into the code is performed by ensuring the proper registration of the patient. The documentation not only helps the doctors with full payments for the services delivered but also the patients with satisfactory reimbursements of their claims. So, do you know about how medical coders execute medical coding? What is the role of the billers in the process? We will help you out with the answer.

The Parallel Working of Medical Coding and Billing

The process of medical coding is simple and quite convenient in terms of letting payers know about a patient’s diagnosis, treatments, and the medical amenities required for treating a disease, medical conditions of the patients that cause some abnormalities and affect the treatments, and services. Medical billing and coding always work with the help of each other helping physicians and patients both. Now let’s move to the process that shows their compatibility.

Step 1-  Documentation

The first step is initiated with the registration or documentation of the patient as and when the patient visits the doctor. The medical practitioner after diagnosing the patient documents the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. 

Step 2- Review and Translation

After reviewing the documentation provided by the physician, the medical coder translated the documentation into medical codes accurately.

Step 3- Medical Biller Inspection

After the medical coder translates the documentation into the specific codes, the medical biller who performs medical billing inspects the presence of all the required documentation on the claim accompanied by the medical codes translated by the medical coder.

Step 4- Submission of Claims

The medical biller after ensuring all the necessary documents present with them submits it for the insurance claim to the insurance companies, or the government agencies for reimbursements of the claims.

Step 5- Receiving the Payment

With the submission of all the necessary documentation by the medical biller at an accurate time, the insurance companies make the payment or the reimbursements of the insurance claims of the patients. The presence of all required documents helps in getting the payments at a faster pace.

Step 6- Denial Management

Last but not least, after receiving the payments for the documentation provided, the medical biller posts the payments and manages if there are any denials in the reimbursements. If there is denial due to the medical codes, then the medical billers consult medical coders for assisting them through the issue and get it resolved timely.

The Conclusion

Conclusively, medical coding and billing is a spectacular process that helps not only doctors but also patients. The immense perfection of the medical coders in helping the medical billers get the claims settled is worth saluting. This is what is called a fantastic advancement of technology in the healthcare industry.

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